Seal of the Terran Federation

The President of the Terran Federation is the elected head of state and head of government of the Terran Federation.

Election and Term of OfficeEdit

The president ascends to power through popular election among the colonies. The president is able to run for an unlimited number of four year terms. Candidates are chosen by the people and confirmed by the Senate, which reviews the candidacy elections on the colonies and petitions for candidacy before being confirmed. When the president unexpectedly dies, the Vice President is to serve for one month while a special election in held by the senate.

General InformationEdit

The office of the president is located in the executive capital of the Terran Federation in Geneva.

For star system transport, the president has access to a large starship known as Washington One while the Vice President travels on a smaller vessel known as Washington Two.

The President also chooses those to head the departments of the Terran Federation Cabinet.

Form of AddressEdit

The form of address of the President is determined by the presidents sex.

  • "Mister President" if male.
  • "Madame President" if female.

Military DutiesEdit

The President serves as commander-in-chief of the Terran Federations armed forces and has the right to declare martial law on any colony should certain circumstances arise.

However, the president does not have the right to declare war, that right is reserved specifically for the Senate.

The president may preside over special sessions of the Supreme Court.

Foreign PolicyEdit

The president is responsible for the appointment of ambassadors to foreign worlds, a responsibility apparently wielded unilaterally, without requiring the authorization of the Senate.

The president can also set the foreign policy, though the senate can override the foreign policy if 2/3rds of the senators agree.

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