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Planet 13.png
Aldebaran IV
Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: New Edinburgh
Population: 1.8 Billion
Star: Aldebaran
Star System: Aldebaran system

Aldebaran IV is the fourth planet in the Aldebaran system and a Terran Federation colony world.

Following the settlement of Aldebaran III, the ship SS Sao Paulo was sent to colonize Aldebaran IV. Because of its proximity to the Aldebaran asteroid belt, Aldebaran IV became home to many processing plants, factories and warehouses as well as homes. During the Colonial Outbreak, workers from a variety of species began calling Aldebaran IV home.

During the Tzenkethi War, Aldebaran IV was the site of a minor battle during the Battle of Aldebaran III.

Notable locations[]

  • New Edinburgh
  • Leilani